• Oct.Developed and sold the fiber laser welder (ML-6810C/ML-6811C).
  • Mar.Developed and sold the yag laser welder (ML-2553C).
  • Feb.Developed and sold the pulsed tig welder (MAWA-050A).
  • Dec.Developed and sold the yag laser handy welder (ML-2550AM).
  • Dec.Developed and sold the fiber laser handy welder (FLW-600MT).
  • Dec.Developed and sold the weld checker (MM-370C).
  • Jun.Developed and sold the DDL welder (ML-5120A).
  • Nov.Developed and sold the pulsed fiber laser welder (ML-3015AS/ML-3030AS).
  • Oct.Developed and sold the 3D fiber laser marker (ML-7320DL-3D/ML-7350DL-3D).
  • Apr.Changed the trade name to AMADA MIYACHI Co., LTD.
  • Jun.Delisted from the first section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
  • May.Developed and sold the high power fiber laser welder (ML-6900series).
  • Apr.Opened Kansai Technical Center in Osaka.
  • Mar.Became the subsidiary of Amada Co., Ltd. by a take-over bid.
  • Feb.Set up "Miyachi Square" a showroom.
  • Dec.Established Miyachi Do Brasil Ltda. in Barueri , Brazil.
  • Oct.Opened Noda Technical Center in Noda Factory.
  • Apr.Developed and sold the DC inverter-controlled welding power supply (ISB-800A/1400A).
  • Feb.Developed and sold the fiber laser marker (ML-7320CL).
  • Feb.Developed and sold the fiber laser welder (ML-6040A).
  • Feb.Established Miyachi Vietnam Co., Ltd. in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam.
  • Dec.Established Miyachi Manufacturing (Thailand) Co., Ltd. in Chonburi, Thailand.
  • Dec.Developed and sold the handheld laser welder (ML-2450AH/2550AH).
  • Nov.Developed and sold the transistor-controlled large-current welding power supply (MDA-10000A).
  • Jan.Developed and sold Thin-film scribing system, Laser trimming system and WL-CSP marking system.
  • Sep.Developed and sold the fiber laser marker (ML-7320C).
  • Aug.Developed and sold the world's first 1kW-level fiber laser welder (ML-6810A).
  • Jan.Changed the trade name of Fujitsu Automation to Miyachi Systems Co., Ltd.
  • Jan.Made Fujitsu Automation Co., Ltd. the subsidiary
  • Oct.Held the forum of Miyachi's forefront processing technology.
  • Jul.Established Miyachi India Private Limited in Chennai, India.
  • Nov.Established Noda Second Factory for R&D and manufacturing of resistance welding equipment.
  • Jul.Established Noda Second Factory for R&D and manufacturing of resistance welding equipment.
  • Apr.Merged Seiwa Manufacturing Co., Ltd. and established Resistance Welding Business Headquarters.
  • Nov.Opened Kita-Kanto Sales Office in Noda Factory.
  • Oct.Opened Hokuriku Sales Office in Ishikawa.
  • Aug.Opened Keiji Sales Office in Kyoto.
  • MayMade Seiwa Manufacturing Co., Ltd. the subsidiary.
  • Apr.Opened Shizuoka Sales Office in Shizuoka.
  • Mar.Opened Koshin Sales Office in Nagano .
  • Jan.Developed the first fiber laser welder (ML-6300A) in Japan.
  • Dec.Moved headquarters operations to Tokyo.
  • Sep.Opened Dalian Sales Office of Miyachi Shanghai Corporation in Dalian.
  • Jul.Established Miyachi (Thailand) Co., Ltd. in Bangkok.
  • Apr.Changed the trade name Unitek Miyachi Corporation to Miyachi Unitek Corporation.
  • Mar.Established local subsidiary Miyachi Taiwan Corporation in Taipei.
  • Feb.Merged Miyachi Technos Europe GmbH with Peco Welding Systems GmbH and established Miyachi Europe Corporation.
  • Sep.Made FME Co., Ltd. the subsidiary
  • Jul.Opened Tohoku Sales Office in Miyagi and Kyushu Sales Office in Fukuoka
  • Jul.Made Miyachi Technos Europe GmbH and Peco WeldingSystems GmbH the subsidiary
  • Jun.Capital was increased to ¥1,499.09 millions
  • Apr.Listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
  • Jan.Obtained China Compulsory Certification (CCC) for resitance welding equipment.
  • Aug.Merged Unitek Miyachi International LTD. with Unitek Miyachi Corporation, Directed Light INC. and Unitek Benchmark INC., and changed company name to Unitek Miyachi Corporation.
  • Sep.Listed on the second section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange, having previously been listed on the JASDAQ.
  • Jul.Acquired Benchmark International Inc. through Unitek Miyachi international, Ltd.
  • MayEstablished Miyachi Tachnos (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
  • Sep.Received ISO 14001 certification.
  • Jun.Established Unitek Miyachi International, LTD. for a holding company of Unitek Miyachi Corporation, Directed Light, INC., Peco Welding Systems GmbH and Unitek Miyachi Europe B.V
  • Jul.Acquired resistance welding div. of Messer Cutting & Welding A.G through Unitek Miyachi Corp.
  • Jan.Established Miyachi Precision System Corp.
  • Mar.Expanded the head office factory to reinforce production divisions
  • MayEstablished Miyachi Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
  • Jan.Acquired Directed Light Inc., U.S.A. through Unitek Miyachi Corp.
  • Jun.Initial public offering at the Securities Dealers Associations Japan Capital was increased to ¥1,179.1 millions
  • Jul.Received ISO 9001 certification
  • MayEstablished Shanghai office.
  • Oct.Redeemed the stocks owned by the company at the time of merger, and the capital was changed to ¥853.19 millions.
  • Sep.Expanded the head office factory to reinforce the development and laser production division.
  • Jul.Established Unitek Miyachi Europe B.V. and acquired Weld-Equip group through Unitek Miyachi Corporation.
  • Oct.Merged Miyachi America with Unitek Equipment, U.S.A., and established Unitek Miyachi Corporation
  • Sep.Capital was increased to ¥1,081.15 millions
  • Jan.Developed and sold YAG Laser Marker.
  • Apr.Established local subsidiary Miyachi Korea in Seoul, Korea.
  • Feb.Capital was increased to ¥912.4 millions.
  • Sep.Established local subsidiary Miyachi Technos Europe GmbH in Bietigheim, Germany.
  • Sep.Capital was increased to ¥532.4 millions.
  • Apr.Merged with Miyachi Laser System CO., Ltd., and changed the trade name to "Miyachi Technos Corp."
  • Oct.Moved Chubu sales office to Nagoya, and opened Nagoya sales office.
  • MayDeveloped and sold the world's first Compact YAG Laser welding equipment (ML-2220A) .
  • Oct.Opened Osaka Sales Office.
  • Oct.Established Miyachi Laser System Co., Ltd. to reinforce the laser division
  • Jan.Established local subsidiary Miyachi America in Ohio, USA.
  • Jun.Established sales head quarters in Tokyo.
  • Apr.Developed and sold inverter type welding power supply (IP model)
  • Apr.Expanded the head office/factory; capital was increased to ¥108 millions
  • Oct.Capital was increased to ¥72 millions.
  • Apr.Developed and sold YAG laser equipment.
  • Feb.Head office functions were moved to Noda.
  • Jan.Developed and sold all -digital-setting compact welding power supply (ME-10F) .
  • Oct.Established state-of-the-art factory at Noda, Chiba.
  • Sep.Capital was increased to ¥36 millions.
  • MayDeveloped and sold the world's first constant-current timer.
  • Feb.Opened Chubu Sales Office at Yokkaichi, Mie.
  • Feb.Capital was increased to ¥12 millions.
  • Feb.Capital was increased to ¥6 millions.
  • Dec.Developed and sold the integrated (MS model) capacitor discharge (MC model) and 3-phase rectifying (MP model) welding power supply.
  • Feb.Developed and sold the world's first digital weld measuring instrument(MM-202, 301)
  • Feb.Established Miyachi Electronics Co., Ltd. with the capital of ¥1.5 millions at Arakawa, Tokyo.