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DC Inverter Spot Welding / Fusing Power Supply

DC Inverter Spot Welding / Fusing Power Supply IS-300A


Compact and high power!
High quality fusing!

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  • Compact and 1.5 times higher output than that of the conventional model IS-120B.
  • Detailed weld schedules can be set.
    • Six control types

      You can choose from; "Primary constant-current RMS," "Secondary constant-current RMS," "Secondary constant-power RMS," "Primary constant-current PEAK control," or "Constant-phase" to attain stable welding quality.
    • Different setting can be set at each welding.

      Pulsation, Upslope, Downslope and Weld stop.
    • Power supply voltage fluctuation compensation control (effective when PULSE LIMIT is set)

      The pulse limit is corrected according to the fluctuation in the power-supply voltage on the primary side.
      This function is valid only in the primary constant-current PEAK control mode (PLM).
  • Transformer selecting function
    Up to five transformers can be connected with IS-300A by an optional MA-650A the transformer selector.
    This function contributes to the improvement in productivity.
  • Interrupt feature
    Interrupt feature functions when a displacement amount reaches up to set level and stops current to obtain more stable fusing. For this feature, it needs to be connected with a weld checker with a built-in displacement monitor and set a displacement amount of electrodes beforehand.
  • Program unit MA-660A (Sold Separately)
    Employing an easily viewable color LCD. Current, voltage, or power can be monitored.
  • Multilingual software
    You can select the language from Japanese, English, Chinese, and Korean.
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