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V series
MK-105A MK-106A

Various lineups of accessories to match your application requirements.

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V series force follow-up mechanism

Stable weld force is applied in accordance with the thermal expansion and contraction of the weld joint since force is adjusted by a spring. There is a strong lineup of force follow-up mechanisms compatible with various micro-spot welding methods, which can supply high-equality welding for a wide variety of components to be joined.
Furthermore, models equipped with displacement and force sensors have been added to the lineup in order to meet the quality control needs.

  • VP model

    Designed for direct welding, the most common application. Passes electric currents directly through the parts via one axis. Also available is the SS type for micro-force application (max. 700g).

  • VB model

    This two-axis type allows you to set a uniform force for both the two axes thanks to the balance mechanism. Can be used for series welding of parts with a uniform thickness and a form that inhibits direct welding (can also be used for indirect welding).

  • VT model

    This two-axis type allows you to set a different force for each of the axes. Can be used for indirect welding performed when parts with significantly varying thicknesses are welded and when power can be supplied only on one of the axes (can also be used for series welding). Furthermore, the SS type for micro-force application (max. 700g) can be used for parallel gap welding.

    Twin-shaft model

  • Twin-shaft model focusing on durability!
    • More rugged construction compared with the conventional models. Anti-rotation bearing system.
    • The low inertia design that is ideal for small-sized machines to be installed.
    • Note) Models with a "W" in its model name belong to the twin-shaft type.
      • VPW-*
      • VTW-*
      • VBW-*
  • Model equipped with a displacement sensor (VPD, VTD, and VBD series)

    Equipped with a displacement sensor compatible with a displacement checker (DPM-01A) that can evaluate the thickness of an object to be welded against the upper and lower limit settings in each welding process and monitor the displacement amount before and after welding.

  • Model equipped with a force sensor (P-unit)

    Equipped with a P-unit compatible with a AMADA MIYACHI force checker (HCP series) that obtains in each welding process the digital-value measurement for a weld force required for resistance welding and evaluates the weld force. This type can be mounted as an add-on because the force adjustment knob of the force follow-up mechanism can be replaced by itself (Some models are excluded).

  • Compatibility

    A displacement sensor and a force sensor (P-unit) can be simultaneously mounted in the follow-up mechanism.


  • Pneumatic unit dedicated for MH-21AC and MH-31AC.
  • Easy configuration and control of air pressure since it can be built in a weld head.
  • Easy adjustment of electrode stroke.
  • Stopper controls to apply weld force properly all the time.


  • Cylinder driven unit dedicated for MK-105A.
  • Five kinds of solenoid-valve-driven voltage: 100VAC, 110VAC, 200VAC, 220VAC, and 2VDC.
  • Solenoid valve with security circuit for surge voltage.
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