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Weld Head for Seam Welding

Weld Head for Seam Welding


Desk-top weld head for seam welding supports welding of metallic foils and meshes.

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  • What is seam welding?

    In contrast to spot welding that uses bar-type electrodes, seam welding uses disc-type electrodes to carry out resistance welding continuously.

  • Outline of this seam head

    This weld head is designed to conduct lap seam welding of mainly metal foils 0.03-0.2mm in thickness with ease and high quality. It allows you to carry out easily without failure a procedure that was considered difficult with the conventional argon or spot welding approach due to difficulties in handling or insufficient strengths.

    These weld heads can be used with either inverter type or AC type welding power supply. (For inverter type, the control box is not built in.)

    • TU model: Disc type electrodes for both top and bottom.
    • FT model: Disc type electrode for top and plate type electrode for bottom.