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AC Spot / Series Welding Power Supply (MID-70C)

AC Spot / Series Welding Power Supply (MID-70C)


Perfect solution for fusing of electric device and for welding of covered wire!

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  • Specification
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  • Corresponding transformer


  • Easy setting at the front panel.
  • Eight levels of weld current frequency: 50 to 250Hz
  • Up to thirty one weld schedules to support multi welding conditions.

    Since registered weld schedule can be loaded with one key operation, work efficiency has been improved.

  • Weld current monitoring feature.

    Actual weld current can be monitored so as to ensure it to stay in the preset range.

  • The current range setting can be selected.

    1000A: 100 to 1000A / 3000A: 300 to 3000A

  • Spot and series welding for small parts.

    The MIB-70C is the ideal welding power supply for precision welding of small parts. All the setting can be done directly on the panel of the power supply unit, and the timer setting can be configured by a unit of millisecond.

    Time setting