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AC Spot / Series Welding Power Supply (MID-70C)

AC Spot / Series Welding Power Supply (MID-70C)


Perfect solution for fusing of electric device and for welding of covered wire!

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Corresponding transformer

Model MT-510AC MT-520AC
Rated capacity 1.0kVA 3.2kVA
Rated primary voltage 200VAC +/-10% (50/60Hz)
Non-load secondary voltage 1.2V/1.8V/2.5V/3.5V 2.5V/3.2V/4.0V/5.0V
Turn Ratio 167:1/111:1/80:1/57:1 80:1/63:1/50:1/40:1
Maximum output current 1600A 3700A
Duty factor (@100ms) 1.5% or below
Cooling method Air cooling
Dimensions and Mass 193W x 284D x 175H mm / 20kg 182.5W x 358D x 197H mm / 35kg