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Weld Checker


“Visible quality management” to maintain the stable welding quality!

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New weld checker of multi-function and compact design!

  • Measuring function of voltage is newly added!
    It enables to measure the welding current and voltage at the same time, owing to the new function.
    Quality management will be improved by measuring the important factor as voltage that effects welding quality.

    Measuring function of voltage is newly added!

  • Improved measuring precision
    It enables to measure the RMS based on ISO17657 without any exceptions, by adopting dedicated toroidal coils.
    Also, measuring of arithmetic mean RMS is available as previous model.

    Improved measuring precision

  • Measuring of various types of welding power supplies
    Measuring of Single phase AC current, DC inverter, AC inverter, Capacitor discharge, and Transistor type are available.
  • Upper/Lower limit judgement
    It enables to set upper/lower limit.
    Detection of errors that can occurs welding problems is available.
    For example, if detected data is not in the range of upper/lower limit, this new product outputs the error signal.
  • Long time measuring
    It’s available for measuring in 3000ms, and this feature is suitable for not only spot welding but also fusing.
  • Communication
    The new product offers Ethernet (TCP/IP) and it enables one way / two way communication.
    Uniform management at lap top is available by transmitting the monitor data or error data.
    The two way communication implements input/output of schedule data.

Configuration of connection

Configuration of connection

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