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Weld Checker/PULSETIG Weld Checker

Weld Checker

MM-122A WM-A728

"Visually" control for better weld quality.

Measurement method by toroidal coil

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[ MM-370C ]
Possible to measure current, voltage, welding time, weld force, and displacement value.

  • USB memory device connectable
    Measured data and waveform data can be saved in a USB memory device.
  • Bidirectional communication
    Connected MM-370C with a PC, data can be both write and read.
  • Polarity selectable
    Displacement value can be read in both + (plus) indication and – (minus) indication.

    USB memory device is connectable

  • Supports various types of welders.

    Supports single-phase AC welders, DC inverter welders, AC inverter welders, and transistor type welders.

  • Simple operation with a dial

    Turn the dial to scroll the screen, move the cursor, and select items. Press the dial to select the item where the cursor is located.

  • Clear display of the current and voltage

    320x240 dots/5.7-inch color LCD screen.

  • Various display capability

    Displays various welding waveforms without using an oscilloscope.

  • Waveform re-display feature (FIT feature)

    The displayed waveform can be shifted and zoomed in and out in the screen. Even if the waveform of where you would like to observe went off the screen, it can be back to display the waveform again. (Pat. Pend)

  • Supports multiple languages

    You can select the language from Japanese, English, Chinese, Korean, German, French, and Spanish.

  • Recording and transferring of data
    • The measured values and waveforms can be saved in a memory or transferred out to PC for analysis.
    • Data transfer can be done in the RS-232C to PC.
    • Data can be printed out by the local printer equipped with the device.
  • Options
    • The applied force and weld current can be measured simultaneously while welding (Optional weld thru sensor, MA-770A or MA-771A is necessary).
    • Voltage signal (Max.±10V) from other sensor can also be measured due to the external input facility.
    • Electricity and force sensor MM-770A / MM-771A

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    Display screen

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[ MM-122A ]
Highly functional and highly precise weld monitor (checker) for various weld current waveforms.

  • Cyclical and accurate display of the welding time for AC inverter welding.
  • Light and compact body. Fast measuring speed, and easy installation.
  • Simple "turn" and "press" operations with a single button.
  • The measuring unit from "ms" or "Cycle" on measuring welding time can be selected.
  • Communication facility is equipped on standard.

    Measured values can be transferred to a PC and the evaluation criteria can be changed from the PC. RS232C and RS-485 are equipped on standard

    Priner BL2-58PN-MYT

[ WM-A728 (Weld checker dedicated to PULSETIG welding) ]


  • The input/output signal LED indicators on the front panel allows you to grasp input signals to the monitor at a glance.
  • Number of setting conditions: 32 at the maximum (Equipped with a function of copying the setting values to other channels)
  • Simultaneous display of the current and time
  • Enhanced tolerance for noises due to arcs
  • Compatible with mold-type toroidal coils
  • Measurement range setting feature: Performs arithmetic operations and displays the current values in a specified range (Ready for current measurement excluding up and down slopes)
  • AC power supply ready for world-wide use
  • Selectable pulse output time for output signals (TACT, 50ms, 100ms, and 300ms)
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