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MM-122A WM-A728

"Visually" control for better weld quality.

Measurement method by toroidal coil

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[ MM-370C ]

Model MM-370C
Current Measuring range (1)0.1 - 2.000kA (2)0.3 - 6.00kA (3)1 - 20.00kA
(4)3 - 60.0kA (5)10 - 200.0kA
Measured value Arithmetic mean RMS or PEAK
Measurement accuracy For range (1)(3)(5) ± (1%rdg+9 - 20dgt)
For range (2)(4) ± (1%rdg+3 - 7dgt) *1
Voltage Measuring range 2 ranges, 6.00 V or 20.00 V
Measured value Arithmetic mean RMS or PEAK
Measurement accuracy ±(1%rdg+3dgt)
Welding time Measuring range AC mode DC mode
50Hz:0.5 - 500.0CYC/
60Hz:0.5 - 600.0CYC
1 - 2000ms
Force Measuring range 4.90 - 98.06N(MA-520), 49.0 - 980.6N(MA-521),
490 - 9806N(MA-522)
245 - 4903N(MA-770A), 490 - 9806N(MA-771A)
Measured value RMS or PEAK
Measurement accuracy ± (Load cells full scale error +2%rdg+29dgt)
Displacement (option) Measuring range ±30.000
(When sensor with resolution of 1µm or finer is used)
(When sensor with resolution of 10µm or finer is used)
Measured value Displacement at end of delay time, start measuring from welding start
Measurement accuracy ±0.05% of full scale
Conduction angle measurement 0 - 180 degree (CYC mode only)
Number of schedules 127 schedules
Printer Printable items: Measurement data, waveforms, all cycles, setting condition data, screen copies, print history
Power supply Single-phase 100 - 240VAC ±10% 50/60Hz
Power consumption 50W
Mass Approx. 5kg
  • *Specifications subject to change without notice.

[ MM-122A ]

Model MM-122A
Measurement Current Measuring range 0.010 - 0.199kA (Only when 10x sensitivity coil used) 0.100 - 1.999kA 1.00 - 19.99kA 10.0 - 199.9kA
Measured value The peak value of the total welding or arithmetic mean RMS in the measured range can be measured.
Display 4-digit digital display
(7-segment LED)
Measuring range setting Start AC 000-500 cycles (31 conditions) DC 0000 - 2000ms (31 conditions)
End (Supports 50- 250 Hz) 0.50 - 25.00ms(31 condition)
Measurement accuracy RMS ± (2%rdg + 4dgt) *1,
PEAK ± (2%rdg + 10dgt)
Detection method Toroidal coil
Time Welding-cycle / Pulsewidth Measuring range The maximum measurement duration is 2 seconds. Single-phase AC 0.5-100 cycles (50 Hz)/0.5-120 cycles (60 Hz)
AC inverter type 0.5 - 500 max. cycle (depending on welding current frequency) or 0.50 - 2000ms (until half time of IP for TH)
Display 4-digit digital display (7-segment LED)
Detection method Toroidal coil
Conduction angle Measuring range 30 - 180° Maximum conduction angle within welding time
Detection method Toroidal coil
Voltage Measuring range -
Measured value -
Display -
Display -
Measurement accuracy -
Detection method -
Current & voltage measurement value RMS Cycle display: Arithmetic mean RMS for each half cycle. "msec" display: Arithmetic mean RMS per each 1msec
Transistor type: RMS from the start to the end. Capacitor type: RMS from the start of welding to the TH.
PEAK Maximum PEAK during entire welding time
Pressurization Measuring range -
Detection method -
Monitoring Welding current Upper/lower limit 31 schedule setting. Setting range 0 to Maximum measurement range
Welding time Upper/lower limit 31 schedule setting. Setting range 0 to Maximum measurement range
Status alarm display Each dedicated lamp for upper limit, lower limit and "in-rage" will show the status.
Status alarm signal "GOOD", "NG-H", and "NG-L" semiconductor relay
Impulse setting 0 - 9 (Sets the location for measuring pulsation welding.)
Counter 99999 max. 5 digits
Printer Option (BL2-58PN-MYT)
Print-out the following; the current welding time, evaluation result, schedule no., conduction angle and *ACS data counter value been measured and displayed.
*All Cycle Schedule
Step up 11 - 9 steps
Communications output RS-232C/RS-485
The current, weld-time, evaluation results counter value and schedule data measured and display can be transfer in the communication facility.
Power supply Single-phase 100 - 240VAC ±10% (50/60Hz) or 24VDC ±10%
Mass 1.9kg
Operating ambient temperature 0 - 40°C
Power consumption 112W max.
  • *1: rdg: Read value (2% of displayed measured value) dgt: One count of digital display (3dgt ; There is an error of 3 counts in the final digit.)
  • *2: Projections not included

* Specifications subject to change without notice.

[ WM-A728 ]

Model WM-A728
Toroidal coil TC-M101
Measuring current Range 100A: 0.1A - 99.9A
200A: 1A - 199A
500A: 1A - 499A
Value RMS
Measuring time Range 0.1ms to 4.99sec
Measuring voltage Range -
Value -
Accuracy -
Detecting method Dedicated toroidal coil
Number of measuring schedule 32
Power supply 85 to 250VAC, 50/60Hz Auto-switch, 2A max.
Memory EEPROM memory
Ambient temperature 0 to 40°C (No condensation)
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