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Weld Checker


Visible, Judge and control of welding parameter.

Measurement method

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Measures current, voltage, welding time, weld force and displacement!

  • Supports a wide range of welding machines
    The instrument supports single-phase AC, DC inverter, AC inverter, transistor, and capacitive discharge welding machines.
  • Various measurement functions
    Easy to use with a touch panel.Display waveforme up to 4 items. Display and judge the parameters of the welding quality determinant up to 10 items.

    Display screen
    Various measurement functions

  • ISO17657-compliant measurement
    In addition to the arithmetic mean RMS which is a conventional calculation system, the RMS in a whole current flow time which is the ISO17657(Resistance welding -- Welding current measurement for resistance welding -- )-compliant calculation system can be selected. For the ISO17657-compliant measurement, the dedicated ISO-compliant toroidal coil is required.
  • Supports multiple languages
    Languages available are Japanese, English, Chinese, Korean, German, French, and Spanish.

New Features

  • Envelope function
    Making the OK/NG judgment by comparing a waveform within an allowable range and a monitored waveform, enables management with waveforms in addition to conventional measured values.
    (Up to 3 points 2 waveforms)

    Envelope function

  • Measurement with seam current
    Measures current/voltage in AC welding or voltage in DC welding with a max. 5-minute moving measurement.
  • Measuring displacement Before-Welding
    Measures Before-welding workpiece thickness, judge OK/NG of thickness.

Memory / Comumication / Printing

  • Memory
    Measured values and waveforms can be saved in a built-in flash memory device/external USB.
  • Comunication
    RS-232C, RS-485, Ethernet Simplex and duplex communication possible.(option)
  • Printing
    Measured data and wavefome can be printing.

Judgment / Control function

  • By using a built-in force sensor / displacement sensor, it is possible to measure changes in pressurizing force / displacement amount even during production, display waveforms, judge OK/NG of welding.
  • Weld stop function shifted from 2 outputs to 3 outputs. Fine control of changes in displacement and applied pressure during welding.
  • With external input function, voltage input (± 10 V) current input (4 to 20 mA) from other sensors such as temperature sensor can be measured, waveform display, and OK/NG judge possible.

Configuration diagram

Configuration diagram

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