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Weld Tester (Handheld type)NEW

Weld Tester (Handheld type)


Handheld type instrument which is possible to measure with ISO17657, measurement standard of welding current.

Measurement method by toroidal coil

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[ MM-410A ]
For Better Quality Control of Resistance Welding !
Measures current, voltage, welding time, weld force. It is a handheld type which is convenient to carry.

  • Improve measurement accuracy
    RMS which is compliant ISO17657 is availabe for all measurement conditions by adopting ISO17657 compliant toroidal coil.*
    It can be also selected the arithmetic mean RMS which is a conventional calculation system.
    *: By using MB-400M/MB-800M
  • Various measurement functions
    Up to 10 measured values which are important to judge welding quality can be displayed and judged.
    Also, 4 waveforms can be displayed. Easy setting through the menu selection system on the 5.7-inch color touch panel.

Display screen

Display screen

  • User friendly OK/NG judgement

    Result of OK/NG judgement is displayed on the screen. Using condition numbers, operator is able to see the result by checking the screen.

  • Supports a wide range of welding machines

    The instrument supports single-phase AC, DC inverter, AC inverter, transistor, and capacitive discharge welding machines.

  • Supports multiple languages

    Languages available are Japanese, English, Chinese, Korean, German, French, and Spanish.

New Features

  • AC/DC seam measurement mode

    Up to 5 minutes of moving measurement (Measures current/voltage in AC welding or voltage in DC welding )

Memory / Comumication

  • Memory

    You can store measured values and waveforms in USB or built-in flash memory.

  • Comunication

    USB, Ethernet(TCP/IP) Simplex and duplex communication possible.

Expand function

  • With external input function, voltage input (± 10 V) current input (4 to 20 mA) from other sensors such as temperature sensor can be measured, waveform display, and OK/NG judge possible.
    * Judgment can not be output.

Configuration diagram

Configuration diagram

Accessories (Option: Sold separately)


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