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Weld Tester (Handheld type)NEW

Weld Tester (Handheld type)


Handheld type instrument which is possible to measure with ISO17657, measurement standard of welding current.

Measurement method by toroidal coil

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[ MM-410A ]

Measurement Specification Current Range 1×Sensitivity toroidal coil:0.100-2.000kA / 0.30-6.00kA / 1.00-20.00kA / 3.0-60.0kA / 10.0-200.0kA
10×Sensitivity toroidal coil:0.010-0.200kA / 0.030-0.600kA / 0.100-2.000kA / 0.30-6.00kA / 01.00-20.00kA
Item PEAK / RMS* / Arithmetic mean RMS
Voltage Range 0.30-6.00V / 1.0-20.0V
Item PEAK / RMS* / Arithmetic mean RMS
Force Range 4.90-98.06N (MA-520B), 49.0-980.6N (MA-521B), 245-4903N (MA-770A), 490-9806N (MA-522B, MA-771A)
Item Mean RMS/maximum (peak) Before welding / After welding / Constant
External Input voltage / current range ー10 to +10 V / 4 to 20 mA
Range ±0.5 to 10V or 4.8 to 20mA (5% to 100% of rated setting)
Item Mean RMS/maximum (peak) Before welding / After welding / Constant
Measurement time Current
AC ms-AC 1~5000ms
CYC-AC 0.5~250.0CYC(50Hz)、0.5~300.0CYC(60Hz)
CYC***Hz-AC 0.5~200.0CYC(M050:50Hz)、0.5~300.0CYC(M063:63Hz)、
LONG CYC-AC 0.5~500.0CYC(50Hz)、0.5~600.0CYC(60Hz)
DC CYC-DC 0.5~100.0CYC(50Hz)、0.5~120.0CYC(60Hz)
ms-DC 1~2000ms
SHORT ms-DC 0.50~300.00ms(0.05ms increment)
Force External 1~10000ms
Conduction angle 0-180 degrees
No. of schedules 127 schedules
Body Specification Power supply Single-phase 100 to 240 V (50/60 Hz) AC adapter output 9V DC
Power consumption 7.8W (in normal time) 30W (in charge time) when two batteries are installed
External data output USB / Ethernet (Protocol; TCP/IP)
Languages Japanese, English, Chinese, Korean, German, French, Spanish.
Outer dimensions(W×D×H) Not including projections 224(W)mm×47(D)mm×157(H)mm
Mass Approx. 0.9 kg

* ISO17657 Compliance

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