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Pulsed Heat Controller



Particular heat control enables precision reflow soldering!

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MR-130A pulsed heat controller controls pulsed current for heating to obtain ideal temperature to perform reflow soldering precisely. Real-time temperature feedback from a thermocouple attached to a thermode enables to adjust heat temperature in detail and precision performance according to the programmed heat profile can be done. MR-130A shows great performance also at ACF bonding and heat staking.

  • Precision real-time control

    Controls heat temperature utilizing real-time temperature feedback from a thermocouple and heating time to perform in accordance with a programmed heat profile.

  • Large LCD

    Displays both graphic and numerical data of setup values, measured values, waveforms, a schedule number and a program name all at once on a same screen.

  • Envelope limits

    Displays in waveform both actual temperature and envelope limits at real time and triggers an alarm if the temperature is outside the set envelope limits.

  • Data edit keys on the front panel

    Allow to edit directly the time and temperature parameters of the heat profile on the graphic display. Those keys are vertically aligned with the profile heating states from Base to Cool2 as displayed on the graphic screen.

    Pulse modulation feature


    IDLE HEAT is for maintaining the thermode at the Idle Temperature when a process is not active. BASE TEMP is for providing a consistent temperature starting point for the process. These functions make it easier to obtain repeatability and to operate reflow soldering which requires more precise control.

  • Auto-switch of voltage

    Automatically changes output voltage in accordance with each setup schedule.

  • Schedule name registration

    Possible to name each schedule with combinations of alphabets and numbers. Helps to distinguish each schedule.

  • A variety of thermode lineups

    Thermodes which meet customers’ requirements can be offered. Please consult for a design of it.

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