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Transistor Power Supply

Transistor Power Supply

Standard: MD-A8000B
MD-A4000B MD-A1000B
Polarity switchable:
MD-B4000B MD-B2000B
Two channels:

Clean fine finish in a short time of welding.

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Features three types of control: constant current, constant voltage, and constant current and voltage

Polarity switching type and Two-channel type features

  • Fast current rises.

    Since the welding current rises 4.5 times faster than that with the *conventional welders, high quality welding can be accomplished in a short period of time on small work pieces.
    * Compared with the conventional model MD-1500E

  • No welding transformer needed

    The welding current is directly controlled with fast switching by transistor, so no welding transformer is required.

  • Three control types to choose from

    You can choose from three types of control - "constant current," "constant voltage," or "constant voltage and current" - to suit the workpieces.

  • Built-in pre-check function

    Applying current on the workpiece before the main current, it is possible to judge whether or not there is a workpiece set on the electrodes, and to evaluate the status of workpiece.

  • Polarity switchable type

    This can eliminate the Peltier effect (polarity effect) and provide uniform nugget diameters on series welding.

  • Two-channel type

    With this type, it can reduce the cast and save some spaces for time difference welding.

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