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Transistor Power SupplyNEW

Transistor Power Supply

Standard: MD-A10000A
Polarity switchable:

Short-time, large-current welding by multiple connection of power supplies.

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  • Multiple connection of power supplies realizes high power welding at short time!

    ・MD-A10000A :Maximum twelve units connectable (One master and eleven slave units)
    Design your own system to add power supplies as much as you need to obtain enough power.



    * At left: Customised weld head (Maximum weld force: 20kN)

  • One master unit to control all connected units

    It does not necessary to set the weld schedule at each unit anymore. It needs to set only at a master unit which controls all slave units.

  • All units' current feedback

    The current feedback feature controls to stabilize current of all connected units collectively.

  • Three control types to choose from

  • Plarity switchable type: MD-B5000A

    ・MD-B5000A:Connection of a master and a slave unit.
    Three control types; which are same as MD-A10000A, can be selected.
    Peltier effect can be reduced and shape of nugget can be uniformed.

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