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AC timer

AC controlled timer CT-110C,CY-220C

CT-110D CY-210D

Various set-ups by simple operations.

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  • Welding mode for high-tensile steel plate.
  • Clear display with LED.
  • Fifteen weld schedules and nine current steps.
  • Three-step welding system with up-slope and down-slope features.
  • Primary and secondary constant current and power supply voltage compensated control can be selected.
  • Build-in current monitor and conduction angle monitor.
  • Panel cover for protection from oil mist.
  • Three counters.


  • [1] Condition No.

    Displays the number to be registered with a certain weld schedule, and the number assigned for a registered weld-schedule for operation.

  • [2] Three-stage weld type

    Even steel plates, which are relatively difficult to weld, can be handled by combining the three-stage welding.

    Three-stage weld type

  • [3] Welding current

    Displays the welding current settings and measured currents at "W1: Weld I" to "Weld III".

  • [4] Current monitor/power angle monitor

    The current monitor allows you to set the upper and lower limits within ±1 to 49% in reference to the set current and it monitors the current fluctuation. The conduction angle monitor allows you to set its monitoring range between 1° to 180° and it monitors the maximum conduction angle.

  • [5] Step-up/counters/turns ratio of a transformer

    Various settings can be made by selecting a mode from 0 to 5.

  • [6] Status monitor

    You can check the current timer status.

      Preset Reset Output signal Buzzer
    CT-110D CY-210D CT-110D CY-210D CT-110D CY-210D CT-110D CY-210D
    Total counter 0~9999 0~9999 Panel, External Panel Error Error Continuous sound None
    Weld counter 0~99 0~99 Automatic, Panel, External Automatic, External None (Buzzer only) Insufficient weld count 1 sec None
    Work counter 0~9999 0~9999
    (Monitor only)
    Panel, External Panel Interlock output None Intermittent sound None
  • [7A] Welding/pressurization/count

    When "Pressurize" is set for tip replacement or electrode polishing, while Run is input, Pressurize is output. When "Weld" is switched Off, only the sequence operates. Switches the count On and Off with "Count".

  • [7B] Welding On/Off

    If it is switched off while tip dressing or test operation, only the sequence will be ran.

  • [8] Reset

    Pressing this key while malfunction occurred will deactivate malfunction status.

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