Laser MarkersLaser Markers

AMADA MIYACHI commercialized laser diode-pumped laser markers equipped with a full air-cooled system ahead of other manufacturers. These are ideal not only for drawing characters and figures, but also for a wide range of processing applications such as ablation, debarring, and cutting. Introducing these laser markers will assure you an outstanding increase in production efficiency.

Fiber Laser MarkerFiber Laser Marker

Fiber Laser Marker

Fiber laser marker equipped with a Maximum 50W oscillator. The marking software has been replaced with the latest version of LM Draw 6 which is compatible with other AMADA MIYACHI's laser markers. It still keeps outstanding performance of high-speed and high-quality marking on metals and even plastics due to pulsed waveform control feature and becomes clearer deep-engraving and black-marking possible.

3D Fiber Laser MarkerYAG Laser Marker

3D Fiber Laser Marker

A 3D fiber laser marker equipped with long-awaited 3D features has been released as part of the popular fiber laser series! Performs high-speed, beautiful marking and processing on workpieces with uneven, sloping, cylindrical surfaces by using the variable Z axis!!

YVO4 Laser MarkerYVO4 Laser Marker

YVO4 Laser Marker

Popular for low-cost and high-quality marking. A fully air-cooled system is installed to reduce the running cost. A compactly designed oscillator allows for marking in a small footprint.

YAG SHG Laser MarkerYAG SHG Laser Marker

YAG SHG Laser Marker

The second harmonic generation laser (532 nm), with a wavelength half that of the fundamental-mode laser, enables clear marking on parts made of gold or copper which have too high a reflectance for normal laser markers.

YAG Laser MarkerYAG Laser Marker

YAG Laser Marker

Using a high-power laser with a maximum output of 50 W, it decreases the takt time and enables deep-engraving and black marking.