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7W YVO4 Laser Marker

Laser Marker | ML-7112AH/AI image


Two different models to meet your requirements!

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  • LMDraw, application software for PC, is equipped as standard.
    - Simple operation on Windows.
    - Large drawing screen
    - Main features: Moving, rotating, coping, enlarging, and minimizing of a drawing; opposite direction marking, reading of DX file; and marking of barcode, 2D code, rectangle data code, hatched drawing, etc.
  • High speed marking: 550 letters per second.
  • Automatic back-up feature to avoid data deletion.
  • Up to 1023 schedules can be set. (Option)
  • External datacom using RS-232C. Easy introduction to a production line.
  • Easy installation due to complete air-cooled system.
  • CE marking certified.

Standard Features

  • YVO4
  • Automatic backup function
  • Multi-mode laser
  • Fully air-cooled
  • LMDraw6
  • Saving maintenance
  • Guide beam
  • Feature
  • Specification
  • External view
  • Sample