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20W/50W Fiber Laser Marker

Laser Marker | ML-7320DL image

ML-7320DL/ 7350DL

To provide a fully air cooled high-powered, high-quality laser in a compact body. Beautiful black marking and deep engraving at high speed.

The highest power in AMADA MIYACHI's fiber laser marker series! High-speed marking shortens takt times.

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The ML-7320DL/7350DL is a fully-air cooled fiber laser marker and the best suited for marking on metal parts, engraving on aluminum and stainless steel. As the beam quality improves from that of the conventional models, marking quality becomes much better than before. Great oscillation efficiency, which is one of the characteristics fiber laser has, supports saving of energy. Its 50W oscillator makes marking speed high and contributes to improvement in productivity.
In addition, the marking software installed is LM Draw 6 which is compatible with the conventional models. No troublesome work is necessary at replacement of the unit.


  • The highest power oscillator in AMADA MIYACHI's fiber laser markers enables high-speed deep engraving of aluminum and stainless steel.
  • Improved beam quality makes marking more precise.
  • Compact head unit. Space saving.
  • High performance marking software LM Draw 6.
  • CF card slot is equipped. It makes it easy to transfer, share and save the data used in the previous models.
  • Multiple axes stage control with an optional motion control of X, Y, Z and θ axes.
  • Lower maintenance cost according to full air cooling and low power consumption.
  • Long-life LD unit reduces maintenance costs.
  • IP5X structure.
  • CDRH, CE and RoHS certified.

Standard Features

  • Fiber laser
  • Automatic backup function
  • Multi-mode laser
  • Fully air-cooled
  • LMDraw6
  • Saving maintenance
  • Guide beam

Marking software LM Draw 6

Fiber Laser Marker | software

Well-received marking software LM Draw 6 dedicated for DL series is equipped. You can freely design drawings, letters and 2D codes to laser mark. In addition, the software is compatible with the previous version and in addition, it equipes the importing function to use former data.

Great beam quality

Fiber Laser Marker | beam profile

High quality beam profile.

Compact head unit

Fiber Laser Marker | Compact

The whole length of the head unit is 40% more shorter than the conventional model (ML-7340CL). *Expander unit is excluded.


Marking on machine parts, tools, electronic parts, automotive parts and medical equipment; deep engraving of aluminum and stainless steel; cutting and drilling.

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