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Direct Diode Laser Welder 20WNEW



Active Heat Control™ Function equipped!

Standard for two points processing!
Suitable for laser soldering!

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Direct Diode Laser Welder as 20W output.
Target for laser soldering on small devices. Compared with soldering iron, no-contact and less-damage.


  • Active Heat Control ™
    Dedicated focusing unit (option) is necessary for the function.*1
    Available for two points processing and each focusing unit.
  • Energy saving
    Direct Diode Lasers apply the laser beam directly from LDs, thus low power consumption and high efficiency.
  • Laser soldering
    Effective for fine soldering in high-density or small-pitch area. Available for lead-free solder.
  • Light weight and compact design
    Design for setting up in automatic machines and it leads to space saving.
  • Maintenance free
    Maintenance free achieved according to the design optimization and it leads to reduction of consumable cost and man-hour.
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