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Direct Diode Laser Welder 120W



Direct Diode Laser Welder with "Active heat control®" function!

It's suitable for soldering and plastic welding applications.
Localized heating - Ideal for small parts and small spacing.

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ML-5120A is a Direct Diode Laser Welder with maximum output of 120W and designed for high energy efficiency. The laser light is created directly from the diodes and does not need amplification in crystals such as Nd:YAG or Nd:YVO4. The output is directly used for thermal processing such as plastic welding and soldering applications. The Active heat control is a unique function that controls laser outputs to keep the heat input to the processing area constant according to the heat generated at the processing area detected by a coaxially-arranged heat detector.


  • Dedicated ouput unit (FOCH-30B series) is necessary for function of Active heat control. *1

  • Soldering with Active heat control
  • Energy saving
    Direct Diode Laser Welder uses a light from the highly efficient diode directly to weld parts; its power consumption can be reduced.
  • Optimal for plastic welding
    Because base materials themselves are bonded together, they can easily be recycled, thereby facilitating environmentally friendly plastic bonding.
    This eliminates the need to wait until the adhesive hardens, significantly reducing bonding time.
  • Suitable for laser soldering
    The small spot diameter of 0.2 mm allows for fine soldering in high-density, small-pitch areas and small areas.
    In addition, Direct Diode Laser Welder can perform environmentally friendly lead-free soldering.
  • Optical fiber delivery system
    Optical fiber delivery systems with Two energy-sharing deliveries are available. *2
    Energy outputs improve productivity.
  • Power monitor as a standard equipment

Standard Features

  • Real-time power feedback
  • Waveform control
  • Power monitor
  • Color LCD touch panel
  • External communications
  • Fade-in / Fade-out
  • Forced air cooling
No guarantee for the result.
This enables to maintain adequete heat input by controling laser power.
Active heat control is available for either output when using energy share outputs.
This product is subject to Japanese Export Control Law. Depending on its destination, prior assessment and authorization may be required. When exporting from country of initial purchase destination, please be sure to follow that country's export regulations as it may require an export permit beforehand.Details would like to ask you to inquire to business about it.


Plastic welding, soldering, etc.

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