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Fiber Laser Welder 300W/500W:Single ModeNEW

Fiber Laser Welder 300W/500W:Single Mode

MF-C300A-SF /

Single mode & Full-air cooling !

300W / 500W power with no chiller and compact design !

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Model MF-C300A-SF MF-C500A-SF
Mode Single mode
Maximum power 300W 500W
Optical fiber RQB / Single mode fiber
Pulse width REPEAT Standard 0.1~500.0ms (0.1ms steps)
Setting switching 0.05~500.00ms (0.05ms steps)
CW Standard 0.1~1000.0s (0.1s steps)
Setting switching 0.001~10.000s (0.001s steps) /
0.01~100.00s (0.01s steps) / 1~10000s (1s steps)
Repeated number of pulse 1~1000pps
Modulation 1~5000Hz (rectangular wave, triangular wave, sinusoidal wave)
Oscillation wavelength Fundamental wavelength
Positioning guide laser Builtin visible laser (red)
Power stability Less than ±2% (more than 100W) *1
Less than ±3% (less than 100W) *1
Number of schedule 256
Measurement function Energy(J), Average power(W)
Counter Displays the total number of outputs (9 digits),
Displays the total number of acceptable outpus (9 digits),
Displays the total LD ON time (7 digits),
Displays the laser output time (7 digits)
Laser controller and language Touch panel, Removal (Japanese and English are available)
Power supply / Breaker rated current Single phase AC200V~240V ±10%  50/60Hz / 20A
Power consumption Maximum 2.0kW 3.3kW
Standby 0.5kW 0.5kW
Cooling method Full air cooling
Ambient temperature / Ambient humidity 10~35℃/ 20~85%RH
Dimension 556mm(W) X 744mm(D) X 902mm(H)

*1: In case of satisfying the condition / Ambient temperature chage: With in ±5℃ change among, Laser emitted time: With in 8 hours

*Specifications subject to change without notice.

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