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Laser Scanning System for Welding (GWM)


GWM Series

Newly-developed digital scanner enables high precision multi spot /
seam welding at high speed!
Available for wobble welding!

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The laser scanning system for welding is equipment for realizing high-speed multi-spot / seam welding for work in a processing area by scanning a laser beam transmitted by optical fiber, providing complete control in the X-Y directions.
The head unit includes three models: STD2 (for funcamental-mode laser), MHP2 (for high power fiber laser), DDL2 (for direct diode laser) are compatible with our various laser welders.


  • The digitalized drive circuit provides a more precise repeat position and reduced temperature unit.
    Highly stable, high speed spot welding.
  • Multiple weld schedules can be set to handle difficult materials or thickness of material used in the same workpiece.
  • The maximum repetition rate of 5,000 pps or CW (continuous wave oscillation) facilitates high speed seam welding.
  • Wide marking area of 220mm square is equipped. (GWM-STD2)
  • Wobble welding enables to reduce "quickly heating and cooling" and restrain "crack".
Laser Scanning System for Welding

Control screen

  • Plan drawing

    Plan drawing

  • Data saving, transferring

    Data saving, transferring

  • Laser configuring

    Laser configuring

Configuration Diagram


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