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Laser Scanning System for Welding (GWM)


GWM Series

Newly-developed digital scanner enables high precision multi spot /
seam welding at high speed!
Available for wobble welding!

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The laser scanning system for welding is equipment for realizing high-speed multi-spot / seam welding for work in a processing area by scanning a laser beam transmitted by optical fiber, providing complete control in the X-Y directions.
The head unit includes five models; STD (for a fundamental-mode laser), SHG (for SHG green laser), FL(for fiber laser), MHP(for high power fiber laser), PFL(for pulsed fiber laser), DDL(for directed diode laser) and is compatible with various laser welders in the ML series.


  • Newly-developed digital scanner is employed. Due to digitalization, repetitive positioning precision is much improved and thermal drift is reduced.
  • High-speed multi-spot welding of up to 140 points/sec (pulse width: 2ms, travel distance: 1 mm) and up to 1000 spots in an area of 94 x94mm is possible. (GWM-STD)
  • Multiple weld schedules can be set to handle different materials or thicknesses of material used in the same work.
  • High-speed seam welding with a maximum repetitive speed of 5000pps or CW (continuous) oscillation is available.
  • One controller can control up to three scanner heads. (Maximum two heads: GWM-DDL, FL)
Laser Scanning System for Welding

Control screen

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    Plan drawing

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    Data saving, transferring

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    Laser configuring

Configuration Diagram


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