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Laser Scanning System for Welding (GWM)


GWM Series

Newly-developed digital scanner enables high precision multi spot /
seam welding at high speed!
Available for wobble welding!

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Supportted laser welders / lens

GWM- Supportted laser welders Collimete lens*1 fθ lens*1 Maximum processing area(mm)*1
STD2 YAG ML-2050A/2051A/2150A/2350A/
f50, f80, f100 f80, f150, f165 φ35, φ60, φ100
Pulsed Fiber Laser ML-3015AS/3030AS/3060AS f40, f60, f75, f90 f82, f163, f306, f420 □20, □78, □94, □150, □220
Fiber Laser ML-6810C
f50, f60, f80, f100, f120, f150 f82, f163, f306, f420 □20, □78, □150, □220
MHP2 Fiber Laser ML-6920BS/6930BS/6940BS/6950A f50, f80, f100 f306 □200×120
DDL2 Direct Diode Laser ML-5120A f25, f35, f45 f163, f295, f402, f420 □90, □170, □209, □250

*1 Depends on the each models. Please ask us the details.

Notice: Specifications subject to change without nociece.


GWM- Ambient temperature / humidity Power requirements Power consumption Supportted OS*2 Software Interface
STD2 5~35℃(without condensation or freeze) / 80% RH or lower (without condensation or freeze) Single phaser AC100~240V, ±15%(50/60Hz) Average apporx.45W, Peak approx.140W Windows7, 8.1, 10 SWDraw2 USB, RS232C
MHP2 Average approx.60W, Peak approx.220W
DDL2 Average approx.45W, Peak approx.140W

*2 Windows is a registered trademark and a product of Micorsoft, Inc.

Notice: Specifications subject to change without nociece.

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