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Laser Weld Monitor

Laser Weld Monitor|MM-L300A


New suggestion of quality monitoring in laser welding!
Available for in-process monitoring!

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A machine available for in-process monitoring in all welding.
Available for pulsed and CW laser by high speed resolution.
Light weight and compact design.


  • High speed resolution
    Enable for high speed resolution with dedicated sensor. Monitoring not only CW laser but also pulsede laer.
  • Comparison judgement
    Available for comparing good-data with bad-data. It's effective-use to judge in processing line. *Verifying in advance is needed.
  • Light weight and Compact design
    Light weight and compact in this market. Reducing set-up space when you construct processing lines.
  • Two way to set up the sensor
    Please choose the sensor on-axis or outside attachment.
  • Easy to operate
    Controlling and preserving data in lap-top installed dedicated software.
  • Compliance with CE marking* some options are not available. please ask us the details.
  • Available for Ethernet (EtherNet/IP).
  • Feature
  • Specification
  • External view