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Laser Weld Monitor

Laser Weld Monitor|MM-L300A


New suggestion of quality monitoring in laser welding!
Available for in-process monitoring!

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Model MM-L300A
MM-L300A Dimensions (mm) 230(W)×243(D)×89(H) *Without connector
265(W)×400(D)×117(H) *Within dust-proof case
Power supply Single phase AC90~250V 50/60Hz
Power consumption Less than 18W
Interface D-sub15 pin
Channel 1
Minimum resolution 1μs
Monitoring time 1μs~999sec
Comparison function Analysis Waveform
Judgement Envelope (upper/lower limit setting)
Temperature in operation 0~40℃ (No-condensation)
Humidity in operation 85%RH or under (No-condensation)
Protection level IP54(Within dust proof case)
Sensor Dimensions (mm) 50(W)×35(D)×96(H) *Without connector
50(W)×35(D)×106(H) *Equipping filter, without connector
Guide light Green LED
Temperature in operation 5~50℃ (No-condensation)
Humidity in operation 85%RH or under (No-condensation)
Protection level IP64(with connector and cable)

*Specifications subject to change without notice.

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