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Pulsed Fiber Laser Welder 150W - 600WNEW

Pulsed Fiber Laser Welders 150W - 600W | ML-3000 Series

ML-3000 Series

Pulsed fiber laser welder release of new type!

High quality, high-stability, low-cost laser welding!

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Adopt a new air cooling system and pulse fiber laser system. Compared with YAG laser excitation of the lamp the conventional method, and realization high-quality, significant low power consumption, low running costs and more!
In addition to the fine pulse welding, high speed CW (continuous wave) welding is possible, it supports a variety of applications. It is most suitable for the replacement of a YAG laser.
Be superior to laser oscillation efficiency, this model will contribute to the manufacturing of environmentally conscious energy-saving, low-cost.


  • This welder employs a full air-cooling system, which does not use a chiller, thereby reducing operating costs
  • Power consumption of the pulse fiber laser is approx. 85% less than that of Nd:YAG lasers (ML-3060AS)
  • With its large energy of 60 J this pulse fiber laser welder can be used for the type of welding that was previously only achieved by Nd:YAG lasers (ML-3060AS)
  • The product lineup includes the 300 W ML-3030AS and the 150 W ML-3015AS in the same size body.
  • With a large output of up to 600 W, this pulse fiber laser welder can be used for high speed seam sealing
  • Stable output power with real-time power feedback
  • Consistent spot size without thermal lens effects
  • Pulse and CW (continuous wave oscillation) operations are available
  • Intuitive large color LCD touch screen panel (no PC necessary to configure settings or check operating state)
  • Built-in power monitor
  • ML-3060AS: Up to 4 time-sharing fiber deliveries are available. (When the isolator Option is mounted, Up to 3 time-sharing fiber deliveries are possible) *
    ML-3030AS/3015AS: Provide 2 laser output deliveries via either time-sharing or energy sharing.
  • The isolation function (Option) protects the oscillator from light reflected from the processing point.

Standard Features

  • Waveform control
  • Waveform control
  • Power monitor
  • Color LCD touch panel
  • External communications
  • Fade-in / Fade-out

* When the optional isolator is mounted, the laser power output from the fiber decreases by up to 10%.

  • Feature
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  • External view
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