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Fiber Laser Handy Welder 600WNEW

Fiber Laser Handy Welder 600W | FLW600MT


With 600W oscillator

Space-saving, energy-saving fiber laser handy welder equipped

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Forms continuous, smooth beads by continuous CW output.Its waveform controls widens pulses width which enables to weld various materials.
Its real-time power feedback improves the reproducibility of welding schedules, stabilizes welding performance and increases oscillation efficiency.
In addition, it requires no chiller, reducing power consumption.
Because Oscillator mirror and Flash lamp unnecessary,Running cost has been significantly reduced.


  • 90% reduced of power consumption compare with "conventional 600W model "
  • Fully air-cooling reduces consumable parts
  • Real time power feedback feature enables stable processing
  • Controllable waveform function enlarges adaptability for high reflectance materials
  • Equipped the optical isolator as standard to prevent from optical damage to oscillator *1
  • User friendly light weighted handy torch
  • User friendly wireless helmet *2

Standard Features

  • Waveform control
  • Color LCD touch panel
  • Waveform control
  • External communications
  • Power monitor
  • Fade-in / Fade-out

*1: Not protection for optical damage on the fiber

*2: Wired helmet for CE complied model

Equipment layout block diagram


  • Food processing machine component
  • Railroad-related products
  • Sheet metal for various housing
  • Precision sheet metal parts
  • TIG welding, tack weld before brazing etc.
  • Feature
  • Specification
  • External view
  • Sample