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50W - 150W YAG Laser Welders

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Air Cooling systems are now available!

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  • Welding with a few heat-affected area can be done due to that laser welding is "contactless" welding.
  • Real-time Power Feedback feature ensures stable welding under optimum weld conditions.
  • Employing an optical fiber makes its automation easy.
  • Two cooling systems are available. Water cooling and air cooling.
  • Up to six energy sharing.
  • Controller is detachable.

Standard Features

  • Real-time power feedback
  • Variable mirrors
  • Waveform control
  • Power monitor
  • Controller
  • External communications
  • Fade-in / Fade-out
  • Forced air cooling
  • Hybrid laser welding system

Real-time Power Feedback Feature

Laser Welders | Real-time Power Feedback Feature

Laser Welders | Real-time Power Feedback Feature

  • What you set is what you get

    Thanks to the output power feedback system, the exact laser output power can be obtained just as you set on the unit. In addition, the output power and output waveform are displayed on the controller's monitor.

  • Automatic correction of the pumping energy

    Since the energy fed to the lamp is automatically corrected, there is no need for bothersome adjustment, even thought the laser output would be fluctuated caused by some reasons, such as lamp's deterioration and thermal lens effect on the YAG rod.

  • The configured output power with the waveform will be provided just as set from the first shot

    Since the desired laser output in the right waveform is applied to the work from the first shot, there is no need for "warming-up" shots before the actual welding.

Advanced waveform control functions

Laser Welders | Advanced waveform control functions

With the waveform control functions there are two modes, Fix mode which is based on a 3-step waveforms, and Flex mode where you can set up to 20 inflexion points to create complex waveforms. Since the optimum welding schedules can be set depending on the various materials, blow holes and cracks can be avoided and the welding quality will be improved.

Air cooling system

Air cooling system is employed for ML-2350AF and ML-2351AF. No piping, water, and chiller are necessary and the initial cost and running cost can be reduced.

Small footprint

A laser power supply, an oscillator, and a cooler are all integrated into one compactly designed unit.

Optical fiber delivery system

A maximum of four branches are possible, including energy sharing and time sharing. (Optional)

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