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YAG Laser Handy Welder 400WNEW

YAG Laser Handy Welder 400W | ML-2550AM


These handheld welders are easy to use and allow high-quality laser welding to be performed with less burn and distortion.

Easy-to-handle "L-type" handy torch Anyone can easily perform YAG laser welding

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【Handy torch】

Model ML-2550AM
Oscillation wavelength 1064nm
Laser output Maximum rated output 400W
Maximum energy 80J/P
Peak power 8kW
Pulse repetition rate 1~500pps
Fiber type SI type Φ0.6mm
Fiber optic delivery 4-power sharing / 4-time sharing *
Torch Shape L-type
Cooling method Air cooled
Spot diameter ①:Φ0.9mm, ②:Φ0.8mm, ③:Φ0.7mm
Dimensions Laser oscillator 530(W)×1347(D)×1170(H)mm
L-type handy torch ①:309mm, ②:300mm,③:296mm
Controller 63(W)×320(D)×330(H)mm
Relay box 80(W)×270(D)×450(H)mm
Panel box 150(W)×120(D)×80(H)mm
Weight Laser oscillator Approx. 400㎏ (AC200V,220V,240V)
Approx. 450kg (AC380V,400V)
L-type handy torch 400g
Safety device Helmet, Light-shielding partition (Option)

* Each oscillator is equipped with one hand unit (additional output units can be used to share deliveries other than those that use the hand unit).

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