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YAG Laser Welder / High brightness 200W



The highest brightness in the series!
High speed and quality process implemented!

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  • A new model in the best seller series accumulating long term reliability and result.
  • Improved condensation performance by high brightness / Improved repetition frequency (repeated number of pulse)
    Enables more precise processing compared with previous model, by improved condensation performance.
    Improves productivity drastically, by implementing high speed processing with high repeated number of pulse.
  • Enables using φ0.2mm minimum optical fiber.
  • Combined Galvo, implements long WD and wide processing area, keeping small diameter.
  • "Productivity" increased by multi spot welding, and "flexibility of machine design" increased by long WD and wide area.
  • Suitable for welding eletrical components and electronic parts, and implements more precise processing with high speed and quality.

Standard Features

  • Real-time power feedback
  • Variable mirrors
  • Waveform control
  • Power monitor
  • External communications
  • Fade-in / Fade-out

High brightness

Brightness is about double compared with previous model. This 200W model implements equivalent diameter being same as 150W, by improving brightness.

High power stability (Real-time power feedback function)

High power stability (Real-time power feedback function)How to do real time power feedback

  • Sampling laser output in real time.
  • Providing power feedback in real time, comparing with the sampled laser output and the preset waveform.
  • Reproducing the preset waveform by adjusting input power of flash lamp.
  • Implements ideal laser output waveform.
  • Enables welding with stability and high quality by the function. "What you set is what you get"

Intuitive Interface

Intuitive InterfaceCalor liquid crystal touch panel

Calor liquid crystal touch panel is equipped.
Available for detachable program unit (with optional cable), operating remote place.

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