Product Information

Standalone, Multi-purpose Machine

Laser welding station with motorized rotary stage

Laser welding station with motorized rotary stage


Available for customization according to application, purpose and budget.

  • Feature


  • Laser shielded observation window in the front door.
  • Various drive mechanisms. (XY,Z and rotary) etc.
  • All-in-one compact design contributes to space saving.
  • Easy access owing to wide front door.
  • Safety door switch with a small-size electronic lock.
  • Automatic calculation for repetition rate and overlap ratio depending on the size of work piece and focal spot.
  • Option 1: Automated drive mechanism, 2: Image processing system.


Configuration image


For the purpose below

  • For R&D!
    Flexibly constructible system suited for making a prototype of developing items.
  • For high-mix low-volume production!
    Useful for low-volume production which quick turn is required for.
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